About Frndbook

Frndbook is a social media platform for India. It is the ultimate made in India social media app to grow your network, to talk to your friends and families, sharing ideas and a lot more. With Frndbook now, spending time on social media is rewarding. As you react, comment, or share your posts, you will get rewards redeemable into cash.

If you are looking for an Indian alternative to all the popular social media platforms, then Frndbook is the best choice for you. 


Here are what makes the Frndbook unique:


Frndbook Story: Create short videos and share them with your community to grow your audience. The Frndbook story has some outstanding image and video filters to make your social media appearances much more presentable.


Real-time Messaging: Be it chatting with friends and families or colleagues in a workgroup with the built-in real-time messaging service of Frndbook, it's easy to communicate. Plus, you never have to be worried about any of your chat data going public. Frndbook features end-to-end encryption for all your messages to ensure utmost security.


Create Groups, events and pages: Starting from creating new events to groups for like-minded people, Frndbook offers you all the popular social media features as a power-packed Indian app.


Submit Blogs: One of the most interactive features to share your thoughts and experiences. Nurture your love of writing on Frndbook. It's rewarding! As you write and share your blogs on Frndbook, you get unique rewards. It's never been so easy to wear the swagger of the blogger inside you.


Share Multiple File Formats: From PNG images to 1080P video file format and PDF documents, Frndbook allows users to share multiple types of file formats using one platform.


Channels for Movie, Music: Frndbook also takes care of your entertainment needs. Join now to binge-watch your fav movie, TV shows or listen to your favourite music all under one roof. You can find dedicated channels serving your entertainment needs on Frndbook.


Dedicated Gaming Portal: Unleash your love of playing multimedia games on Frndbook. The social media platform offers a handful of games with interesting gameplay. Join today to participate in the fun activities.


Frndbook Job Portal: Get your dream job from the Frndbook Job Portal. The well-curated and maintained job platform gets regular job updates. Also, if you want the best Indian minds to work for your business, you can post your job requirements on Frndbook Job Portal.


Frndbook Funding: Generate funds for someone in need. Through Frndbook non-profit organisations can collect funds for the right cause. It’s easy to get started and disbursal of the funds are also transparent. Thus, while contributing one always remain aware of the cause for which he/she is contributing.


Frndbook Marketplace: Frndbook has a dedicated marketplace for buying and selling products. With zero dependencies on complicated social media algorithms, you can directly boost your product sales. Besides, selling your old smartphone, computer, or any electronic gadgets online is also much easier now with Frndbook.


Frndbook Pro Membership: Frndbook comes with a pro membership plan at nominal fees. All you need to do is to subscribe to the plan to get a green tick beside your name on the platforms. Also, Pro members can boost their posts for maximum views without spending a single penny.


Ultimate Security: While using popular social media platforms, it's really difficult for us to get over our security concerns. But Frndbook understands that and comes with a 2 step verification process to ensure the ultimate security of your profile. With Frndbook, you don't have to worry about your profile getting hacked. Also, the instant notification service alerts you whenever someone tries to breach.


Frndbook Analytics: On Frndbook, you can easily monitor if your posts are reaching the right audience and act upon that. Frndbook Analytics offers various data analysis programs to find what your customer base is looking for and work on your products or services accordingly.


Free Room for Students: Online education is reaching a new height altogether. The Frndbook study room allows you to create and participate in online classes through the portal absolutely for free. It's fast, easy and reliable.


Earn Rewards: Spending time on social media is rewarding now. No matter what activity you indulge into you can collect Frndbook points to redeem cash prizes. Also, you can directly start affiliate marketing on the platform. Through Frndbook Affiliate Marketing programs you can make product recommendations to your audience and start earning directly.


Overall, Frndbook is the ultimate Indian social network for all our countrymen. It's been long-awaited and has all the features one can expect inside the best social media platforms. So, what are you waiting for? Download and install the Frndbook app today to start networking with your type of folks.